Why Rice and Fries Adventures?

Good question, right?

Actually, it’s easy. Our Rice and Fries Adventures travel blog will be a way to keep in touch with people, share our experiences, our small stories during our long trip (and in the future). Maybe we’ll also throw in some tips and tricks in preparing for a big trip, pitfalls of choosing (destinations, gears, accommodation, …), material for the foodies, financials for the number-crunchers, and so on…

A title… Where do we start?

Choosing a title seemed fairly easy, but it was quite a tedious thinking process. It should not be too lame or vague (“Around the world in X days”, “Looking for adventures”), not overly used (“Globetrotters”, “Nomadic X”) nor too long (“wearegoingtoenjoythebesttripofourlives” sigh).

I started looking for a link between traveling (Wanderlust, exploring, travels, adventures, …) and something personal. We’re a clear example of East meets West, different cultures and traditions, though united in all we do.

And yes, we do like eating.

China is known for lots of different cuisines, but eventually, one of the basics in Chinese cooking as main food is Rice (fried, with or without veggies, with meat, fish, …). East, check.

rice rice 2 rice 3

Belgium is probably most known for its beer (but I was looking for food) and waffles. Heck, I maybe eat a typical Brussels Waffle only once a year, so it’s not really representative. Fries, the golden crispy food of the (Belgian) Gods, is what I (and probably any other Belgian) call our food. A typical Belgian family will eat fries, together with some sauces and meat/chicken/fish (hell, just about anything), and least once a week. True, it’s a French “invention”, though the description in English of “French Fries” is due to historical anomalies (Brits and Yanks hear Belgian soldiers speaking French while eating some Belgian fries during WWI). We’re proud about our fries culture, small or big, at home or just in one of the many “Frituren” (Fries shop). West, check.

fries frit 2 frit 3






Rice, Fries. Rice and Fries. It even has a nice catchy tune. Double check.

Since we will be travelling, exploring new places, people and cultures, around the globe, showing huge wanderlust, eventually, it will lead to many large and small adventures.

Hence, Rice and Fries Adventures was born!

adventure 2


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