Salar de Uyuni / Salt Flats Photo report – day 1

Our 3-day tour around in the south of Bolivia, with Salar de Uyuni salt flats and National park, from Uyuni, Bolivia to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, was most certainly one of our highlights during our big trip throughout South America.


The details of the entire trip will be shared in another post, but here’s already a great photo report of our first day. We were 6 persons in total: 2 Dutch, 1 Polish, 1 French and Rice’n Fries. Enjoy!

Train cemetery 

First small stop, before heading to the actual Salt Flats: train cemetery.

dsc04235 dsc04237 dsc04238 dsc04240 dsc04245 dsc04246

First views of the Salt Flats

It’s spring time, and there’s not a lot of rain yet. So there was no possibility to make the famous “mirror” pictures (mostly in summer time, i.e. rainy season). But, we got some nice salt crystals!

img_4481 img_4477
img_4567 img_4565 img_4571

Time for lunch!

We had a small lunch at a one of the first salt hotels, now turned into a museum. The Dakar rally also passed by this place in 2016.

img_4503 img_4495-1 img_4497

Crazy, funny pictures time

Then, the salt flats were ours. We had some props to play around, with led to a lot of pictures. Here’s a nice selection. Don’t forget to check our wonderful videos: Funny videos at Salar de Uyuni.

dsc04319 dsc04312 dsc04318 dsc04307 dsc04309 dsc04294 dsc04297 img_4563 img_4532-1 img_4541-1 img_4516-1 img_4527 img_4530-1

The grand finale: Sunset at the salt flats

In the afternoon, we dropped by one island, a small mountainous park full of cactuses, a remainder of the dried up lake. We did not visit it and saved our energy for the final part of this beautiful day: the sunset!

Did you already visit the Salar de Uyuni? Which kind of crazy funny pictures did you make? Share your story with us!

img_4689 img_4722-1 img_4697 img_4706-1 img_4662-1 img_4665 img_4683 img_4639 img_4654