The Visa hassle – Update Peru

We’ve been talking in one of our first posts about the Visa hassle for South American countries (details here).

Mid June, we provided all required documentation electronically to the Peruvian Consulate of Brussels. An interview was planned on July 11th to finalize everything. After waiting for some time, listening to tips on travelling to Peru (in Spanish, which Ms.Rice does not understand), the counselor started with the “interview”, in Chinese (ain’t no typo). The 5% Peruvian population with Chinese origins ain’t no joke:

“Ni hao”. (continue in Chinese)
Question 1: are you going alone? No, with Mr. Fries
Question 2: how long are you going? Around 3 weeks
Question 3: when do will you set off? September 28th
Ok, we’re done. 

That’s it. 30 minutes later and a one year multiple entry tourism visa for Peru was the outcome. Peru is A-Okay. The Big Trip is going through! We’ll be drinking Pisco and eating llama in no time. To the next one… and beyond!


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