The Visa Hassle – New Zealand

New Zealand will be the last destination of our big trip, where we will be traveling for almost a month. At least, that’s what we hope to do. Even though Mr. Fries does not need one, unfortunately Ms. Rice does.

Our initial Big Trip schedule included a RTW ticket, thus going from Chile directly to New Zealand (then onwards to SE Asia). However, after finding some information regarding visa requirements for Chinese nationals, we had to reconsider. Why?
At that moment (mid 2015), applying for a tourism visa of New Zealand as a Chinese national living in Europe, seemed only to work with a paper application with the embassy of New Zealand, located in Madrid, as this is their Visa Center. We would not be able to apply during our journey in South America, nor could we waste a month of time waiting in Belgium for the visa.

Therefore, we added China in our schedule, so we applying for the visa within mainland China would be a solution. At the same time, we could travel within China (only Chinese id needed). However, about 1 month ago, we started checking once more all detailed information, and it seemed that an online application (without sending the actual passport) could be started. We don’t know yet if it will turn out well, but we still have China as our back up plan. Following are the requirements for starting an online application for a New Zealand tourism visa if you’re not eligible for a visa waiver:

  • fully complete all required information in the electronic form: personal infomation, work, health, spouse, parents, intent of traveling
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence card (if applicable)
  • Certificate of legal status
  • Flight ticket
  • Letter of intent i.e. a statement explaining schedule/itinerary
  • Bank statement i.e. confirmation of financial situation by bank
  • Passport sized picture

We applied a bit more than a week ago, we are still waiting for the outcome. Fingers crossed !

Detailed information can be found on the website of New Zealand Immigration.