Planning New Zealand

For Belgians, New Zealand is really the other side of the world. Heck, even from China, it’s still a 13h flight. It’s hard to find more places which are that far away (well, we could go for Pitcairn Islands). Maybe it’s the distance, or maybe watching Lord of the Rings for a million times could be a reason, but New Zealand always has been this “Must see and do” destination. Also for Rice and Fries Adventures.

What do we expect?

We heard stories from people comparing it with a mix of Scotland (been there, loved it), Iceland (on our to do travel list), and yet, so much more: hiking, adventurous activities (rafting, skydiving, …) and lots of wildlife. While traveling from the Northern Isle to the South, we hope this will be our ultimate road trip during our Big Trip, encountering all of the above mentioned.

It’s still more than 6 months, so we can still change a lot. We will be traveling by car, wishing to do the following things:


  • Driving on the left side with our rental car in Auckland
  • Watching the sunrise at Hot Water Beach in Coromandel Peninsula
  • Checking geothermal activity at Rotorua
  • Looking for “my precious” in Hobbiton
  • Hiking our way through the Tongiraro Alpine Crossing
  • Picking up some NZ culture in the capital, Wellington



  • Walking and kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park
  • Scrubbing some ice off the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers
  • Trekking the Pancake rocks in Punaikaki (maybe having a pancake as well)
  • Tasting some exquisite wines in the Blenheim region
  • Going for a crazy activity in Queenstown
  • Hiking the Ben Lomond
  • Enjoying the silence and views at Milford Sounds
  • Swimming with wild dolphins in Kaikoura