Planning Chile & Patagonia

When we started looking at the map of South America and started our research about Chile, we realized two things: it’s a beautiful country with lots of things to see and do, but the darn place is oh so stretched (4,300 km) . Thus, we took this into consideration and made some decisions. If we want to do Chile as a whole, we’ll probably need one month more, and preferably a 4×4 jeep. So we’ve chosen to go south until Chiloé Island, then hopping over to Argentina to continue south for Patagonia. Carretera Austral will be for another time.

We’ll be showing our first planning of both Chile and Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia, an area in which we will travel approx. 4-5 weeks.

chile patagonia

What’s on the menu?


  • gazing at stars in the desert of San Pedro de Atacama
  • nipping at some Chilean pisco sour (comparing with Peruvian) in Elqui Valley
  • grasping Pablo Neruda’s poetry in colorful Valparaiso
  • visiting some former colleagues in Santiago
  • hiking a volcano in Pucon
  • go white water rafting in Puerto Varas
  • cruising around for penguins on Chiloé Island


  • tasting cheese fondue in the “Alps” of Bariloche
  • looking for craft beers in El Bolson
  • spending almost 2 days in a bus going South
  • hiking our asses off in the mountainous region of El Chalten
  • peeking at lots of ice (Perito Moreno Glacier) in El Calafate
  • Trekking a W in thé park of Patagonia, Torres del Paine
  • Loosing ourselves at the end of the world (well, at least the most Southern point) in Ushuaia
  • hiking one more time on Tierra del Fuego
  • and much more…


These countries are not the cheapest ones we’ll be visiting in South America. Chile and Argentina reach European standards of price levels, particularly Patagonia topping the list. Nevertheless, the overall picture depends highly on the amount and type of activities you’re willing to do. For example: Hiking a volcano, visiting Perito Moreno Glacier, drinking loads of craft beers, these activities can take quite the charge on the budget (whereas others can be free/cheaper). Our current estimates for the period in Chile and Patagonia (approx. 35 days) gets close to an average of 150 EUR per day. These estimates include food, accommodation, activities and overland transportation.

We’ll keep you posted about our route and the financials, once we’re on the way!