Planning Argentina & Uruguay

In our final part of the trilogy of planning for South America (Peru-Boliva and Chile-Patagonia), we’ll be in the Northern area of Argentina and Uruguay for almost 2 weeks.

Our first part of the Big Trip will be getting to and end, yet we still plan to cross Uruguay, head all to way up north to the border area Argentina – Brazil. Even if we can manage a one day Brazilian visa for Ms. Rice, we’ll hop over to Brazil as well. We’ll skip the center and north west of Argentina, because our main driver to travel all the way north are the Iguazu falls, a must see in Argentina.

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What’s on the menu?


  • relaxing on the streets of small town Colonia
  • being a gaucho at an estancia (ranch)
  • milking a cow, riding a horse and surviving in the middle of nowhere
  • traveling across the country by public transport


  • gazing at the Iguazu falls
  • reaching Brazil and gazing at the falls once more
  • eating steak in Buenos Aires
  • enjoying the tango rhythm of the capital
  • and much more…


Bigger cities also have a good side: they have offerings reaching very expensive, but also very budget friendly. We’ll be on the way for quite some km, so our transportation costs will be higher, including one flight (Iguazu – Buenos Aires). Therefore, we’re at an estimate of 140 euro per day.

Our final planning post for South America is just the beginning of our story. We’ll be updating our journey in details, explaining which places we visited, which we dropped, where we got amazed, where we got lost, where we missed our bus, and where we fell in love with the place and did not want to leave anymore…