Our adventures in Uruguay and Brazil

We only spend 5 days in total in Uruguay and Brazil, so we can’t say that much about it. Heck, we were at a point of our Big Trip that we did not plan that much anymore and improvised a lot. Especially since our Gaucho home stay (think big ranch, horseback riding, herding sheep and taking care of cattle) unfortunately got cancelled last minute.

So which adventures did we accomplish?

Once we entered Uruguay, we choose to relax for a while, heading out to the beach area of Punta Del Diablo. We enjoyed the solitude of the area, and, a real kick ass asado barbecue (loads of meat). The people in Uruguay were very relaxed, and the countryside looked very green with lots of small hills. It’s a country a lot of travelers will skip, nevertheless, it’s worthwhile to drop by for a few days. 

Initially, we would only hop the border to see the Iguacu falls from the Brazilian side. But since we were already so close to Brazilian border in Uruguay, we chose to take a different loop with 2 night buses in a row (no joke). So we saw the border town Chuy, where people only go to buy cheap alcohol and other stuff. Then, we dropped by Porto Alegre, known for its high murder rate, yet, there’s nothing actually to see or do. What we did enjoy before reaching Foz Do Iguacu, was the Brazilian landscape. We know now for sure we will come back one day to visit this beautiful country.

Do you have any questions or comments about our journey? Did you visit Brazil and Uruguay before? Share your stories and adventures with us!